My work deals with fate, randomness, chaos and contradiction.  Depending on which direction I walk, what magazines I happen upon, what imagery strikes me, how I cut it and how the pieces fall on the canvas.  As I look through magazines I am struck by a  concept, color, shape or texture.  As I examine an image the more detail I see and keep deconstructing it into the elements of which it is composed.  I like to first cut all the pieces I intend to use into a box, then shake up the box before I begin reassemblage.  It is as if the work is finished before the first cut is pasted since all the pieces are present however I have no idea how the finished work will turn out.  My work transforms to present itself in new and different ways. Sometimes I will move a piece around the canvas to decide exactly where it should be placed only to forget where I had just decided to place it.  It matters little in the finished work.  It is concept, process, and result that matter more.  Synchronicity comes from the chaos.